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The School of Science, as part of Aalto University, aims to change the world for the better through its internationally-acclaimed and high-level research and by making a significant impact on society in a variety of ways.

At the school, the research carried out meets the highest of international scientific standards in our focus areas and scientific and technological applications on the basis of research findings are developed. The school is an important research partner and has strong connections with many international networks.

The research environments provide access to cutting-edge equipment for neuroimaging (Aalto NeuroImaging), nano-sized structures and materials (Otaniemi Micro and Nanotechnologies), and a low-temperature research facility (Low Temperature Laboratory). All three of the research infrastructures were approved as part of Finland's national strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures 2014–2020.

The school has its own areas of emphasis. The School of Science is also responsible for the provision of basic teaching in mathematics, physics, information technology, computer science, industrial engineering and management offered to students at all of Aalto University's technology-oriented schools.

Moreover, the school is committed to having an active role in society and promoting the societal effectiveness of research findings at both a national and international level. During the last twenty years, the school has generated approximately 100 patents and tens of research-based enterprises.

Around 3 500 students are taught by the School of Science. Over 250 master's degree students and 90 doctoral candidates graduate from the school every year.In total, there are 1 500 members of academic staff at the school, of which 110 are professors, 400 are doctoral candidates, and other research and teaching personnel 600. 


 School of Science brochure 2016-17 (PDF)


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