Aalto-yliopiston perustieteiden korkeakoulu

About the School

The key asset of the School of Science is its high-quality research. The school is home to six  Centres of Excellence in Research selected by the Academy of Finland; two of them are coordinated by other universities. The School also performed well in the research assessment exercise carried out at Aalto University in 2009: the top five and altogether 9 of the top 18 departments were from the School of Science.

The School of Science provides students with a variety of options from information networks to applied physics. We have four degree programmes in Finnish and altogether fourteen international Master's programmes in English with four programmes leading to an international double degree.

The School of Science is responsible for the Aalto University common basic courses in mathematics, physics, computer science and engineering, industrial engineering and management..

The School of Science is located in several buildings in the Otaniemi area.

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School of Science brochure 2013