The mission of the School of Science is to carry out basic research of high scientific standards in its areas of expertise and to develop scientific and technological applications based on the results.

In addition to its own areas of specialisation, the School of Science is in charge of the common core courses provided for Aalto University students in mathematics, physics, computer and computational science, as well as industrial engineering and management.

The School of Science is engaged in proactive interaction with society and industry by promoting the societal impact of research results and applying those results at both national and international levels.


The School of Science is a research and education unit meeting high international standards of excellence which is ahead of its time at the forefront of science, boldly expanding the boundaries of scientific knowledge and understanding. The impact of its operations will be based on cutting-edge research, science and technology to meet the needs of society. A broad-based knowledge of core sciences will give rise to novel opportunities. The school educates responsible experts to act as society’s visionaries.

In our vision, by 2020, we will have a minimum of twelve research groups ranked among the international top-three in their fields, and the research of all departments will meet high international standards of excellence.

Strategic focus areas

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Computational and mathematical sciences
  • Computer science and engineering
  • Condensed-matter and materials physics
  • Creating and transforming technology-based business
  • Energy sciences, including nuclear engineering
  • Neuroscience


The shared values of Aalto University — passion, freedom, courage, responsibility and integrity — guide the development and actions in the School of Science, thus building the Aalto culture and spirit among faculty and staff.

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