Professor Eero Hyvönen receives State Award for Public Information

24.09.2014 The award is an acknowledgement for work by Professor Hyvönen’s research team on the development of the Finnish semantic web.

Aalto-born Brain Stimulation Company Plans Initial Public Offering

19.09.2014 Medical device developed by Nexstim achieves very promising results for stroke patient rehabilitation in the US.

Researchers made first observation of one-dimensional salt

18.09.2014 Reducing the imensionality of a material, e.g. from 3D to 2D or even 1D, can have a dramatic effect on material properties, which motivates the search for low-dimensional systems.

Best Paper Award at UbiComp 2014 to Aalto researchers

17.09.2014 The article presents new, secure and scalable ways of configuring and managing ubiquitous displays.

Professor Esa Saarinen receives a Lifetime Achievement Award for his positivity

04.09.2014 The awarding jury, composed of members of the Positiivarit company and the Junior Chamber International Finland, commended Saarinen as an honouring and lavishly loving person.

Top moments for Aalto Science Institute’s summer interns

28.08.2014 The final seminar for Aalto Science Institute summer interns was held at the beginning of August. For slightly over two months, a total of 12 trainees worked at our school in research groups or as mentored by an AScI research fellow. Now was the moment to present the results of the work. All presentations were expertly done, clear and lucid.

User interface can improve mobile user's performance.

27.08.2014 New doctoral research indicates that while walking even texting is easier if the user interface is designed for use on the move.

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