News: Archive 2012

Supercomputer helps to discover new carbon structures

26.01.2012 The objective of the doctoral dissertation of researcher Timo Vehviläinen was to find a way of storing explosive hydrogen in carbon nanostructures, but Vehviläinen ended up discovering new carbon structures.

Living Magnetism


Software bugs revealed in reverse

22.03.2012 Developed by researcher Jan Lönnberg of Aalto University, the Atropos programme helps easily detect bugs that disturb software optimised for new processors.

DNA tug of war

10.05.2012 A mathematical model created by Aalto University researcher Timo Ikonen explains for the first time how the DNA chains in our genome are translocated through nanopores that are only a couple of nanometres thick.

NanoBuds to bloom in touch screens

01.06.2012 Touch screens with transparent carbon films based on NanoBuds developed by Finnish Canatu may be in stores as soon as next year. The company was established in 2004 as a spin-off of a research group led by Professor Esko Kauppinen at the then Helsinki University of Technology – nowadays Aalto University.

Banking crisis under control with network analysis

08.06.2012 In Kimmo Soramäki’s doctoral dissertation, examined at Aalto University, a network analysis method used by sociologists and mathematicians was applied to the risk analysis of a banking system

A good guessing method makes supercomputing more efficient

22.08.2012 In his doctoral dissertation, Kurt Baarman, a researcher from Aalto University, developed methods for making electron density calculations more efficient. These methods can also be applied to pharmaceutical development.

Brain research in Aalto University receives prestigious EU grant

20.09.2012 European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a grant of 1.3 million euros for a venture lead by Aalto University Docent, Academy Fellow Lauri Nummenmaa. Nummenmaa’s group studies the brain mechanisms behind human social interaction.

New hybrid materials designed at the level of a single atom

10.10.2012 Hybrid materials that combine a metal with a polymer are lighter and more durable than materials comprising a single substance. New atomic level modelling methods are required in the design of these materials.

A tactile glove provides subtle guidance to objects in the vicinity

12.10.2012 Researchers at HIIT and Max Planck Institute for Informatics show how computer vision -based hand tracking and vibration feedback on the user’s hand can be used to steer the user’s hand toward an object of interest. A study shows an almost three-fold advantage in finding objects from complex visual scenes, such as library or supermarket shelves.

Alfred Kordelin Prize awarded to Lauri Nummenmaa

07.11.2012 Alfred Kordelin Foundation awarded Lauri Nummenmaa, a Professor at Aalto University, a sum of EUR 20 000 in recognition of his scientific work.

Apply now for double degree programmes!

09.11.2012 The application period to double degree programmes offered by Aalto University School of Science has begun. The application period to other Master’s programme offered by Aalto University will begin on January 2.

Doctoral dissertation of the year goes to Aalto University nanoresearcher

23.11.2012 The Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland organisation awarded the 2011 Dissertation of the Year prize to Toma Susi, D.Sc. (Tech.), who succeeded in producing the world’s first thin films from the new material. At the same time, Susi's research lays the foundation for the next information technology revolution.

Doctoral dissertation provides tools for superlens designers

29.11.2012 Timo Hakkarainen, an Aalto University physicist, demonstrated in his doctoral dissertation that novel superlenses are able to distinguish from each other objects of some tens of nanometers in size. Metamaterials required for the production of superlenses may also render objects invisible.

Micronova – 10 years of Finnish research in micro- and nanotechnology

18.12.2012 The joint research centre of Aalto University and VTT for micro- and nanotechnology, Micronova, celebrated its tenth anniversary 14 December. By hosting and facilitating activities of Aalto University research groups, VTT and numerous companies, Micronova has given rise to both excellent research and successful start-up businesses.

Dyslexia-linked genetic variant disturbs crossing of auditory pathways in the brain

18.12.2012 Dyslexia has been associated with a specific weakly expressing genetic variant of ROBO1 gene. Now the decreased expression of ROBO1 has for the first time been linked to deficient midline crossing of auditory pathways in the brain.

Producing new metamaterials by combining artificial and biological nanoparticles

21.12.2012 Researchers at Aalto University have managed to organise viruses, iron-binding proteins and nanoparticles into crystal structures. The nanomaterials studied by the group led by Mauri Kostiainen, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Applied Physics, have a broad range of applications in sensor technology, optics, electronics and delivery of drugs directly into the tissue. The findings have recently been published in the highly regarded Nature Nanotechnology journal.

Masters of particles in Helsinki – Nobel Laureates in physics visited Finland

21.12.2012 On December 15, two top researchers and this year’s Nobel Laureates in physics climbed on the podium in one of the auditoriums at Helsinki University. Despite their enormously successful work, Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland seem very modest. Both men stress that they are only two representatives of a large community of researchers working in the same field.

Measuring image quality made easier with new computational methods

31.12.2012 Researcher Mikko Nuutinen has developed methods for measuring the quality of digital and printed images computationally with algorithms directly from natural images. These unprecedented methods are presented in his doctoral dissertation for the Aalto University Department of Media Technology.