News: Archive 2014

Finnish research team reveals how emotions are mapped in the body

02.01.2014 Researchers in Aalto University have revealed how emotions are experienced in the body.

School of Science co-operation in ReSoLVE Centre of Excellence begun

02.01.2014 At the start of 2014, the School of Science will begin contributing to the Solar Long-Term Variability and Effects (ReSoLVE) Centre of Excellence when Docent Maarit Mantere and her Computational methods and data analysis for astrophysics research group begins working at the Department of Information and Computer Science.

Jukka Suomela has been appointed as Assistant Professor at the Aalto School of Science

07.01.2014 Jukka Suomela has been appointed as Assistant Professor for four years starting from January 1, 2014 in the Department of Information and Computer Science. The field of professorship is Algorithms, Logic and Complexity.

Patterns of social interaction remain consistent over time

08.01.2014 Despite the way that mobile technologies and social networking sites have made it easier to stay in touch with large numbers of acquaintances, a new study has shown that people still put most of their efforts into communicating with small numbers of close friends or family, often operating unconscious one-in, one-out policies so that communication patterns remain the same even when friendships change.

Aalto Nuclear Safety program consolidates nuclear energy research

13.01.2014 In 2014 Aalto University will launch the Aalto Nuclear Safety program, bringing the nuclear energy research and education into a common network. The program will host a new master level course package and it will foster the cooperation of Aalto University researchers. It will also support participation in large international research ventures and increase the societal impact of nuclear energy science.

Tapio Lokki’s acoustic research article in Physics Today

13.01.2014 An acoustic research article "Tasting music like wine: Sensory evaluation of concert halls" by Professor Tapio Lokki was chosen to the cover story in the latest Issue of Physics Today.

Technical Academy Award to Janne Kontkanen

14.01.2014 The winners of the technical Oscars have been published. One of those awarded an Oscar is Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays Aalto University) graduate and doctoral degree holder Janne Kontkanen. The Oscar was awarded for Kontkanen and his colleagues for the development, prototyping and promotion of technologies and workflows for deep compositing while working at DreamWorks studios in 2007-2011 with animated movies.

Erik Aurell appointed as Adjunct Professor at the Aalto School of Science

14.01.2014 The Dean of the School of Science has appointed Professor Erik Aurell as an Adjunct Professor at Aalto University for a five-year period commencing 1 January 2014.

Strong coupling between emitters and collective surface plasmon polariton modes

16.01.2014 Researchers at Aalto University have experimentally demonstrated strong coupling between emitters and surface plasmon polariton (SPP) modes that are of a collective nature, implying that in the presented structures, distant emitters are coherently coupled at room temperature. The results are published in the journal Nano Letters.

Linked Open Data Infrastructure for Finland

24.01.2014 A prototype for a national linked open data infrastructure – the result of the national Linked Data Finland project led by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki – was presented at a seminar held in Otaniemi.

Mika Sillanpää receives 2.0 million EU funding for quantum physics research

28.01.2014 Professor Mika Sillanpää from Aalto University, Finland, has been awarded a prestigious five-year ERC Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council. The grant of 2.0 million euros is for the project titled "Cavity quantum phonon dynamics", which focuses on micromechanical resonators measured at ultra-low temperatures close to absolute zero.

Scientists discover long-awaited synthetic particle

29.01.2014 Researchers have now created and photographed synthetic magnetic monopoles under laboratory conditions. These observations lay the foundation for the underlying structure of the natural magnetic monopole – the detection of which would be a revolutionary event comparable to the discovery of the electron. The results were recently published in Nature magazine.

Newly appointed assistant Professor Tapani Raiko developes Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning

04.02.2014 Tapani Raiko's research topic is deep learning. It is a modern way for automatic feature extraction in machine learning tasks such as computer vision and natural language processing. Deep learning is based on hierarchical construction of artificial neural networks.

Easier mobility and reduced emissions

07.02.2014 Researchers at Aalto University are taking part in the international StreetLife project for developing real-time mobile information services for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and public transport passengers. The goal is to ease mobility, particularly in a way that reduces emissions.

Unique cooperation with Southern Africa

12.02.2014 Aalto University School of Science coordinates the international UFISA (User-Centered Design for Innovative Services and Applications) project which promotes educational cooperation between the universities of Southern Africa and Finland.

Risto Nieminen awarded Academician of Science

14.02.2014 Aalto University Professor Risto Nieminen has been awarded the honorary title of Academician of Science. President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö granted the titles at a presidential session today, 14 February 2014.

Controlling nanomagnetism in multiferroic hybrid materials

20.02.2014 Physicists in the Aalto University School of Science have discovered ways to manipulate and control materials that consist of both ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials. Such advances in the basic science of multiferroic heterostructures – and in their malleability – present exciting prospects for magnetic nanomaterials and for magnetic memory and logic devices.

Peter Lund's group is involved in a Euro-Indian research project on the development of new energy solutions

03.03.2014 European and Indian researchers are beginning to collaborate on the development of new energy solutions. Four Finnish research groups are participating in research projects that concentrate on the development of smart energy grids and energy production materials. These projects are part of the EU's New INDIGO ERA-NET scheme, which is advancing the research collaborations between European countries and India

Greater music dynamics in shoebox-shaped concert halls

04.03.2014 Aalto University researchers have found that music is perceived to have greater dynamic range in rectangular, shoebox shaped concert halls than in other types of halls.

Student information portal Into requires login temporarily

04.03.2014 Into is a portal for Aalto University students into information relating to studies, to Aalto services and to the students’ own university.

Professor Saarinen is recovering and plans to continue his lectures

07.03.2014 An update on Esa Saarinen’s lecture programme will be posted later.

Lasse Leskelä appointed an Associate Professor at the Aalto School of Science

10.03.2014 Lasse Leskelä has been appointed an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis at the Aalto University School of Science, starting from 1 March 2014.

Augmented reality closer to reality

12.03.2014 Mikko Kytö's (M.Sc.) dissertation focuses on the three-dimensional detection of human binocular vision and its utilisation in augmented reality and in imaging applications. This feature is being studied in the dissertation through new areas of application.

Neuroscientist Petri Ala-Laurila brings new area of brain research to Aalto University

12.03.2014 Petri Ala-Laurila has been appointed an Assistant Professor at the Aalto University School of Science for four years starting from 1 March, 2014. This appointment is in the area of biophysics in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science (BECS).

Games designer loves the sprit of start-ups at Aalto

17.03.2014 Adam Kapos, an MA student in Service Design and Engineering from Hungary, is a games designer who has developed SongArc, a unique and ergonomically designed gameplay, which is easy to learn but difficult to master. –You never thought music games can be this fun on a phone, Kapos says.

Best doctoral theses 2013 awarded in the School of Science

21.03.2014 Mari Ijäs, Olli-Pentti Saira and Jefrey Lijffijt were all awarded prizes of EUR 3000 for excellent work on their doctoral theses.

Changes in doctoral education call for sponsor cooperation

21.03.2014 The Finnish doctoral education and its funding have gone through some major changes lately. Previously, doctors were educated for example in national graduate schools run jointly by several universities, and sponsored by universities, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Academy of Finland. The funding of these national doctoral programmes ended a year ago, and the current graduate schools will seize to operate in the end of 2015 at the latest.

How are Aalto University’s brain researchers guessing what we see?

28.03.2014 Scientists of the Aalto University research venture aivoAALTO (’brainWAVE’) accurately image and model human brain function. Active for five years now, the multidisciplinary project has attracted considerable funding and sparked results that have gained wide recognition.

Movies synchronize brains

31.03.2014 When we watch a movie, our brains react to it immediately in a way similar to other people's brains. Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have succeeded in developing a method fast enough to observe immediate changes in the function of the brain even when watching a movie.

Visiting Professor programme

03.04.2014 The Aalto University School of Science Visiting Professor programme supports professorial level collaborative research visits of minimum six months with the research groups of the departments of the School of Science. The Visiting Professors are expected to participate both in research and teaching during the visit

Three research environments selected for Finland's strategy and roadmap

03.04.2014 The Nanomicroscopy Center, Cryohall and Aalto NeuroImaging research environments administered and developed by the Aalto University School of Science have been selected for Finland's strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures 2014–2020: the Cryohall and Nanomicroscopy Center as part of the micro- and nanotechnology research infrastructure in Otaniemi, and Aalto NeuroImaging as part of the up-and-coming national node in the European Euro-BioImaging project.

Neurofinance study confirms that financial decisions are made on an emotional basis

04.04.2014 The willingness of decision-makers to take risks increases when they play games of chance with money won earlier – i.e. money obtained from ‘the house’ – and when they have the opportunity to compensate for earlier losses by breaking even.

Unique co-operation with Southern Africa

04.04.2014 The Aalto University School of Science co-ordinates the international User-Centered Design for Innovative Services and Applications (UFISA) project that promotes educational co-operation between the universities of Southern Africa and Finland. The project, funded by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, supports Aalto University's strategy of international cooperation and global sustainability by building the know-how of developing countries.

You can go far when you choose a good minor

04.04.2014 What you choose to go alongside your major subject may well decide the course of your career. Aalto University students definitely have no lack of possibilities in this area.

Computer Science and Engineering by far the most popular area of specialisation at Aalto University in the joint selection system (DIA)

09.04.2014 The Aalto University School of Science’s Computer Science and Engineering took top place in the national joint selection sysytem for M.Sc.(Tech.) and M.Sc.(Arch.) degree programmes, attracting over 400 applications.

Game researchers develop an augmented climbing wall

09.04.2014 Graphics reflected on the wall guide the climber in the choice of route, and body movements are registered by computer vision.

The excellent selection of Stuart Parkin for Millennium Technology Prize

09.04.2014 The innovation, which increased the storage capacity of hard discs 1000-fold, is just one example of the possibilities of spintronics.

Aalto University collaboration colours Tikkurila’s innovation culture

14.04.2014 Tikkurila and Aalto University are extending their collaboration from technology to innovation management. Director of Tikkurila Innovation Anna-Maija Hirvi has taken the benefits of a Collaborative Innovation Management course in Aalto University Department of Industrial Engineering and Management to change conceptions of cooperation in companies and academia.

What could Nokia have done differently and what can other companies learn?

22.04.2014 Nokia could have competed better in the fight for leadership of the smartphone market if more attention had been paid to managing the collective emotions in the organisation's various divisions.

Ten new Honorary Doctorates in Technology to be conferred at Aalto University

23.04.2014 The Aalto University schools of technology will confer honorary doctorates on ten eminent persons in the fields of science, technology and society. The degrees will be awarded at a ceremony to take place on 10 October 2014 in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland.

Teaching worthy of a gala

28.04.2014 The SCI Teaching Gala brought together a large group of teaching staff to celebrate the steps already taken towards the future and to consider those to come.

Why don't we imitate each other's movements?

28.04.2014 Aalto University neuroscientists have discovered why healthy persons do not imitate movements that they see, even when the motor cortex is activated.

The Finnish Academy granted nine researchers from the School of Science

20.05.2014 School of Science’s four new Academy Research Fellows received all together 1.7 million euros and five Postdoctoral Researchers 1.6 million euros funding from the Academy of Finland for posts in the field of natural science and engineering.

Transistor pumps electrons one by one

21.05.2014 Scientists have now pumped electrons with a silicon transistor more accurately than ever before. This device can potentially be used to set a new definition for electric current, the ampere. The results were recently published in Nano Letters.

Material manipulation on the atomic scale in a transmission electron microscope

01.06.2014 Transition metal oxides can exhibit many interesting material properties including magnetism, superconductivity, magnetoresistance, and metal-to-insulator transitions. The details of these functional attributes strongly depend on the lattice structure and stoichiometry of the constituent ions.

Drug sensitivity predicted computationally

02.06.2014 With modern high-throughput technologies researchers can measure a multitude of molecular properties from cancer cells. A big question of precision medicine is how computational modelling can be used to predict sensitivity of cancer cells to drugs, and the best cancer treatment. Answers are sought in a study published in Nature Biotechnology.

Molecular self-assembly scales up from nanometers to millimeters

04.06.2014 Can self-assembly based technologies offer advantages beyond conventional top-down lithography approaches?

The School of Science launches its new website

13.06.2014 The update makes it easier to find information and browse the site on a mobile phone or tablet.

A career of noise control and preferred listening

13.06.2014 Dr. Philip Robinson became interested in acoustics while working as an architect in America.

Smart phone app helps monitor alcohol consumption

18.06.2014 The Motivaattori application developed by Aalto University and the Helsinki Deaconess Institute also allows users to keep track of the feelings drinking alcohol evokes in them.

A new app reveals if a phone is at risk of being hacked

25.06.2014 Aalto University students drew interest at one of the world's largest information security events.

Success of Aalto University requires bold decisions

25.06.2014 Nobody can be the best at everything. Senior industrialist Jorma Eloranta, who is being promoted in October to the rank of Honorary Doctor at Aalto University together with nine other influential persons in science, technology and the community, is thereby convinced that Aalto University must discover its strengths and dare to really invest in them.

Professor Camilla Hollanti receives special recognition from WCC

26.06.2014 At Aalto, the recognitions are granted to six talented researchers.

Mutual understanding is associated with increased synchrony of brains

26.06.2014 Researchers at Aalto University have revealed that similar brain activity may underlie shared understanding of environment.

Allan Perämäki granted with Carl-Erik Fröberg prize

26.06.2014 The Prize is given to a young author of a distinguished paper published in BIT Numerical Mathematics.

The School of Science involved in two Tekes’ strategic research openings

27.06.2014 The projects focus on finding solutions for new energy systems, personalised healthcare and novel industrial processes using biological systems.

Award-winning touch screen made from nanobuds

27.06.2014 Developed with Aalto University expertise, Canatu's product makes it possible to produce moulded and flexible touch displays and touch sensitive surfaces.

Aalto University welcomes 1661 new students

02.07.2014 294 new students will be studying in the School of Science.

White lies strengthen social relationships

31.07.2014 Modelling shows that society, too, can benefit from lying that is not based on self-interest.

Senior Lecturer


New master’s programmes in technology subjects set to begin in 2015

07.08.2014 Aalto University's School of Science is preparing for some major changes as a result of the university's new joint programmes.

Professor Olavi Nevanlinna receives Finnish Academy of Technology Medal of Merit

12.08.2014 The medal serves as recognition of Professor Nevanlinna's merits in developing Finnish technological culture.

People fake to look authentic on social media

14.08.2014 Presenting an authentic image on social network sites (SNSs) includes an element of fakery according to a new study by researchers at Aalto University.

Natalia Vuori receives highly prestigious William H. Newman Award

18.08.2014 Doctor Natalia Vuori’s paper “Dancing between Illusion and Reality: Decoupling in Post-acquisition Integration” received two major Academy of Management awards:

#snapshot exhibition presents Aalto University student perspectives on snapshot culture

20.08.2014 The Finnish Museum of Photography's #snapshot exhibition updates the concept of snapshot photography. The exhibition is mainly made up of photos, internet photos and historical snapshots taken by ordinary people and - of course - selfies.

Mika Mäntylä appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

24.08.2014 Mäntylä's research focuses on the quality of software and the role of psychological factors in software development.

Antti Hannukainen appointed Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

26.08.2014 Hannukainen's research concentrates on numerical solution of partial differential equations using the element method.

New Assistant Professor David McGookin specializes in multimodal human-computer interaction

26.08.2014 PhD David McGookin starts his professorship at the Department of Media Technology 1 September.

Aalto joins security research cooperation led by Intel

27.08.2014 Joint research aims to solve challenges associated with the privacy and security of mobile devices and embedded systems.

User interface can improve mobile user's performance.

27.08.2014 New doctoral research indicates that while walking even texting is easier if the user interface is designed for use on the move.

Top moments for Aalto Science Institute’s summer interns

28.08.2014 The final seminar for Aalto Science Institute summer interns was held at the beginning of August. For slightly over two months, a total of 12 trainees worked at our school in research groups or as mentored by an AScI research fellow. Now was the moment to present the results of the work. All presentations were expertly done, clear and lucid.

Professor Esa Saarinen receives a Lifetime Achievement Award for his positivity

04.09.2014 The awarding jury, composed of members of the Positiivarit company and the Junior Chamber International Finland, commended Saarinen as an honouring and lavishly loving person.

Best Paper Award at UbiComp 2014 to Aalto researchers

17.09.2014 The article presents new, secure and scalable ways of configuring and managing ubiquitous displays.

Researchers made first observation of one-dimensional salt

18.09.2014 Reducing the imensionality of a material, e.g. from 3D to 2D or even 1D, can have a dramatic effect on material properties, which motivates the search for low-dimensional systems.

Aalto-born Brain Stimulation Company Plans Initial Public Offering

19.09.2014 Medical device developed by Nexstim achieves very promising results for stroke patient rehabilitation in the US.

Professor Eero Hyvönen receives State Award for Public Information

24.09.2014 The award is an acknowledgement for work by Professor Hyvönen’s research team on the development of the Finnish semantic web.