AMIS Summer School – a week of innovation, concept creation and entrepreneurship

14. elokuu 2018

The summer school of the Master’s Programme in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability (AMIS) introduced the students the best of Finnish summer and user-centric product development – the Aalto style.


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Aalto's Computer Science lands 72nd place in NTU ranking

14. elokuu 2018

Several engineering subjects also rank among the world's top 150.


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From Aalto exchange student to start-up entrepreneur and Ph.D.

10. elokuu 2018

NordSecMob graduate Vilen Looga defended his dissertation at Aalto in June. Earlier he had founded a start-up with his Aalto colleagues.


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Participate in an online game experiment at Aalto University on August 15th

2. elokuu 2018

The aim of the vast research project is to create a simulator to anticipate human behavior in socioeconomic crises or to develop avatars of artificial intelligence.

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Big data drives materials science innovations

1. elokuu 2018

Open science and artificial intelligence tools are changing the ways we discover new materials, say researchers in DataSciMat, the interdisciplinary project at Aalto University, in a new article in Arkhimedes.

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Natalia Vuori appointed as Assistant Professor as of 1 September 2018

30. heinäkuu 2018

D.Sc. (Tech) Natalia Vuori has been appointed as Assistant Professor (Term I) at the Aalto University School of Science, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. The area of the professorship is entrepreneurial leadership.


Illuminating electronics: Researchers construct all-optical pocket calculator

30. heinäkuu 2018

New findings from Aalto University have the potential to change how electronics process logic functions, the elementary building blocks of computing.

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Aalto maintains strong position in prestigious ShanghaiRankings

17. heinäkuu 2018

Two Aalto fields leap forward, with altogether 8 ranking in the top 100 worldwide

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Will Uber take over Finland’s so far well-protected taxi markets?

16. heinäkuu 2018

An Aalto University research group is studying the effects of opening highly regulated markets on the competitive balance between established and new actors.

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Wetting of surfaces is surprisingly difficult to measure reliably

10. heinäkuu 2018

A group of researchers from Aalto University in Finland and Sun Yat-sen University in China provide a standardised approach to improve the accuracy and reliability of contact angle measurements of surfaces.

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Qubits as valves: controlling quantum heat engines

9. heinäkuu 2018

Researchers from Aalto University are designing nano-sized quantum heat engines to explore whether they may be able to outperform classical heat engines in terms of power and efficiency.

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Researchers propose new solutions to alleviate hostility on social media

4. heinäkuu 2018

Disputes could be alleviated in arenas where people voicing incendiary opinions would have to deal with the emotions and reactions of a variety of readers, including their own near and dears.

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Ultimate precision for sensor technology using qubits and machine learning

3. heinäkuu 2018

Extracting information quickly from quantum states is necessary for future quantum processors and super-sensitive detectors in existing technologies.

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Number of applicants increased - Study place for over 1600 new students

28. kesäkuu 2018

Results for the joint application for higher education published in the Studyinfo service.


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Students raised half a million euros for a new professor of their own

28. kesäkuu 2018

The Information Networks programme at Aalto University will have a new Professor of Practice, Dr. Risto Sarvas.

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Patient experiences of families with children to improve hospital activities

26. kesäkuu 2018

Patient experiences of children and families at three university hospitals, as well as using patient feedback in developing hospital activities have been examined in a large research collaboration.

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Aalto University received EUR 15.9 million from the Academy of Finland September call

21. kesäkuu 2018

Most of the funding went to the field of natural sciences and engineering.

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Aalto University and Nokia expand their cooperation

21. kesäkuu 2018

Artificial intelligence research is one of the cornerstones of the cooperation.


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Petri Suomala appointed as Vice President for Education

21. kesäkuu 2018

Professor Suomala joins Aalto from the Tampere University of Technology.


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Aalto places again among the world’s top ten young universities

21. kesäkuu 2018

Aalto has managed to increase the number of international publications and the amount of EU funding.


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‘Biomimicry in the Nordic Countries’ working paper highlights HYBER CoE

20. kesäkuu 2018

HYBER CoE is highlighted as a Finnish forerunner in biomimetics in a new Nordic Working Paper

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Academy of Finland awards seven new projects to the Department of Applied Physics

20. kesäkuu 2018

Grants exceed 3.3 million euros for research in a diversity of physics topics.

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Advanced Materials highlights Finnish materials science

19. kesäkuu 2018

Advanced Materials, a premier journal in the field, has dedicated an issue to Finnish research, covering several articles from Aalto University.

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Academy Project funding for Professor Mauri Kostiainen

18. kesäkuu 2018

Professor Mauri Kostiainen receives Consortium Project funding from the Academy of Finland

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New professor of technology education inspires young people to the field of technology

18. kesäkuu 2018

Aalto University’s new Professor of Practice Maria Clavert promotes technology education from basic education to university level and teacher education.

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