Biodesign Finland brings new solutions to the hospital world

10. joulukuu 2015

An interdisciplinary team will develop biomedical technologies that can be commercialised.

Science and art

Fortune favours the brave – both in science and entrepreneurship

7. joulukuu 2015

Aalto University boosted entrepreneurial spirit at a Morocco-based conference promoting peace in the Middle East.

Studies Cooperation Other

A boost to product development from Aaltonaut

7. joulukuu 2015

The minor programme combines different academic fields encouraging students towards curiosity and initiative.


Openers of legal data were awarded in the Open Finland Challenge competition

4. joulukuu 2015

Semantic Finlex will bring legal and juridical data to everyone's reach as a Linked Open Data service.

Honored Science and art Cooperation

A public lecture series of Cyber Security

3. joulukuu 2015

Discussion on cyber security will continue in spring 2016 with a series of five lectures.

Other Studies

A community may benefit from white lies

2. joulukuu 2015

Researchers have proved that both too much lying and complete honesty may damage social relationships.

Science and art Press releases

Solar activity can disturb even air traffic

30. marraskuu 2015

Understanding long-term activity of the Sun helps to predict its effects.

Science and art Cooperation Press releases

Riitta Salmelin receives Justine & Yves Sergent award

30. marraskuu 2015

The awards is a well know prestige among international brain imaging researchers


WarSampo to open up the data from the World War II to citizens and researchers

27. marraskuu 2015

The new information service links over one million pieces of information with each other and sheds light on Finland's history in an unprecedented way.

Science and art Cooperation Press releases

N. Asokan and Andrei Gurtov named distinguished scientists of the ACM

26. marraskuu 2015

ACM is the main professional organization in computer science, and this prestigious award is given first time to Aalto University researchers.

Science and art

Mathematics teaching reform receives special show of appreciation from students

26. marraskuu 2015

The Guild of Physics has awarded a standard to the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis for its excellent reforms to basic teaching.

Studies Honored

3D amplifies emotions evoked by facial expressions

24. marraskuu 2015

The research findings have implications for emotion research, entertainment industry and 3D displays.

Science and art Press releases

Lauri Nummenmaa receives 2015 Academy of Finland Award

24. marraskuu 2015

Professor Nummenmaa, who has gained international recognition for his brain research, was awarded the Award for Social Impact.


Application period to Aalto University's Master's programmes starts soon

23. marraskuu 2015

Application period for Master’s programmes at Aalto University 1 December 2015 – 15 January 2016


The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries donates 5 million euros

20. marraskuu 2015

According to President Tuula Teeri we can keep building a stronger industry and Finland with the help of the donation.


Aalto part of radiation safety research collaboration

20. marraskuu 2015

Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority and Finnish universities have established a consortium to coordinate radiation safety research.

Science and art

The route to high temperature superconductivity goes through the flat band

20. marraskuu 2015

Room-temperature superconductors may become reality thanks to the counterintuitive properties of electrons in “flat bands”.

Science and art

Aalto University researchers successful in the competition for ERC funding

19. marraskuu 2015

Aalto has succeeded exceedingly well in obtaining funding from the EU framework programme.

Science and art

Ilkka Paananen Finnish EY’s Startup Entrepreneur of the Year

18. marraskuu 2015

Aalto alumnus Ilkka Paananen has been chosen as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 by EY Finland.


Presentation of Professor: Robin Dunbar

13. marraskuu 2015

Robin Dunbar is a Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Oxford and a Visiting Professor at Aalto University’s School of Science.

Science and art

Bachelor's students developed solutions to increase Posti's business opportunities

11. marraskuu 2015

The Aalto Crossroads was a high-class case competition.

Studies Cooperation

Up to one hundred companies born at Aalto University every year

10. marraskuu 2015

Aalto presents at Slush its entrepreneurship activities and companies that have sprung from the university.


Aalto University begins statutory negotiations

9. marraskuu 2015

The preliminary estimate is that personnel cuts could affect a maximum of 350 people.


Aalto enters the list of 50 top universities in acquiring EU research funding

6. marraskuu 2015

In Finland only two universities were among the top performers.

Science and art

A rap generator is now available to the public on the Internet

5. marraskuu 2015

The DeepBeat is a machine learning algorithm that creates rap lyrics on the basis of huge data masses.

Science and art Press releases

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