Aalto Start-Up Center has created nearly two thousand new jobs

26. helmikuu 2015

In 2013 alone the number of new jobs created increased by almost 20 per cent.

Other Press releases

Outstanding referee 2015 reward to Aalto University physicist

18. helmikuu 2015

Associate Professor Patrick Rinke received the honor of Outstanding Referee by the American Physical Society.

Honored Science and art

Researchers developed a cost-effective and efficient rival for platinum

18. helmikuu 2015

Researchers succeeded in creating an electrocatalyst that is needed for storing electric energy made of carbon and iron.

Science and art Press releases

Co-operation was discussed at the Bay Area Alumni meet

13. helmikuu 2015

A great group of people gathered with different backgrounds, all of them having Aalto in common.


The Demon That Betters the World

10. helmikuu 2015

Recent achievements at nanotechnology could lead towards a more energy-efficient future.

Science and art

The latest installation lectures available on video

9. helmikuu 2015

Aalto University's newly tenured professors gave lectures on the pressing issues in their respective fields.

Science and art

People from Aalto to consider the future of mining

9. helmikuu 2015

Experts of Outotec, Aalto University's researchers and students will collaboratively unravel future concerns in the mining sector.

Studies Cooperation Science and art

Aalto University Endowment portfolio returns 6.3% in 2014

30. tammikuu 2015

Purpose of the Aalto University Endowment is to generate additional funding for world-class research and education.


Director of the Finnish Centre of Excellence COIN and Aalto Distinguished Professor Erkki Oja retires

30. tammikuu 2015

Erkki Oja has directed the Centres of Excellences and supervised many talented researchers for 15 years.

Science and art

New search engine lets users look for relevant results faster

27. tammikuu 2015

Researchers at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, HIIT, developed a new search engine that outperforms current ones.

Cooperation Science and art Press releases

Visualizing interacting electrons in a molecule

26. tammikuu 2015

Scientists at Aalto University and the University of Zurich have succeeded in directly imaging how electrons interact within a single molecule.

Science and art

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT to collaborate in a top information theory network

23. tammikuu 2015

Aalto University and University of Helsinki have signed a general agreement on strategic collaboration within SoI network.

Science and art Cooperation

International students praise Aalto: the best place to study ICT entrepreneurship!

14. tammikuu 2015

The first students graduated from the EIT ICT Labs Master School thank Aalto for creating an excellent environment to study ICT entrepreneurship.

Cooperation Studies

More light

12. tammikuu 2015

Aalto researchers say that LEDs could soon become even better.

Science and art

Prizes given out for doctoral theses

9. tammikuu 2015

The Department of Applied Physics awarded prizes to Miikka Heikkinen, Patrick Grahn, and Ville Maisi.


Aalto received 4,7 millions funding from Academy of Finland

17. joulukuu 2014

4,1 million euros for New Energy research projects and 600 000 euros for arctic research.

Science and art Cooperation Other

Large audiences for two science news articles

17. joulukuu 2014

The impact of research news was measured via an altmetrics listing.

Science and art Other

Forerunners should spend even in a recession

9. joulukuu 2014

According to a fresh doctoral dissertation, belt-tightening can undermine future growth.

Science and art

Two awards for Linked Data Finland service platform

8. joulukuu 2014

Eero Hyvönen, Jouni Tuominen and Eetu Mäkelä convinced the jury at the Apps4Finland competition.

Honored Science and art

Aalto University taking part in the EU's largest research consortium

5. joulukuu 2014

Research project funding has been planned for the long term.

Science and art

Decorations for Aalto staff on Independence Day

3. joulukuu 2014

President Tuula Teeri was granted a commander decoration, 12 other staff members awarded as well.


Aalto University spin-off Kutsuplus takes off - demand growing drastically during the fall 2014

3. joulukuu 2014

Aalto University CSE Department research project spin-off Kutsuplus takes off - demand growing drastically during the fall 2014

Cooperation Science and art Other

Systems research changes the world for the better

3. joulukuu 2014

Aalto University Systems Analysis Laboratory celebrated its 30th anniversary recently by arranging a seminar that attracted almost 1,000 participants.

Science and art

Aki Vehtari has been appointed Associate Professor of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science

26. marraskuu 2014

Vehtari's research uses Bayesian modelling to, for example, data analysis for neuroscience and disease risk prediction.

Science and art

Petri Ala-Laurila receives 2014 Academy of Finland Award

26. marraskuu 2014

Petri Ala-Laurila, one of Finland's most promising young biophysicists, is conducting research on the processing of visual data in neural circuits.


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