Study: Turning Finland into the Silicon Valley of the industrial internet

27. huhtikuu 2015

Do we see the industrial internet as a job killer, or job creator?

Science and art

A Collective Crystal Ball was selected for a crowdfunding programme for science

24. huhtikuu 2015

Fifteen science projects have been selected for a crowdfunding programme. The campaign is to be implemented in 2015.

Studies Science and art Cooperation

Otso Hannula wins university category of 2015's game industry thesis competition

24. huhtikuu 2015

The winning thesis, "Game Structure in Knowledge Co-creation", deals with the role of game-like structures in the co-creation of knowled.

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A unique vision can take you far in the games industry

23. huhtikuu 2015

Students, industry professionals, and various companies all met for the fourth time at this year's Aalto in the Game event.

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The industrial Internet requires dialogue

22. huhtikuu 2015

The industrial Internet will transform Finland’s challenges into opportunities. This is also what Aalto University believes.


Intermediate pseudoparticle sheds light on the energy conversion process

22. huhtikuu 2015

Researchers in Finland and Germany have unveiled the existence of a new pseudoparticle that helps explain the conversion of sunlight into energy.

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CROSSROADS – Transformations on the Road to 2040

14. huhtikuu 2015

A new book discussing how Finland can emerge further from its borders, out into the world at large.


The Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce a new course: Law in Digital Society

13. huhtikuu 2015

The legal challenges of digitalization and who gets to exploit data: a new course Law in Digital Society will be a launched.


Green Innovation Games: Value-Creation Strategies for Corporate Sustainability

13. huhtikuu 2015

A growing awareness of environmental issues has inspired an increased interest in corporate sustainability.

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Aalto’s first ERC Proof of Concept grant to Sebastiaan van Dijken

2. huhtikuu 2015

Professor Sebastiaan van Dijken received the grant for verification of the innovation potential of a new racetrack memory technology.

Science and art

Goodbye to MP3s: Music Listeners are Happy with streaming services

31. maaliskuu 2015

Young adults shuffle between two main service providers to find the music they want to hear. CDs and even digital files have become outdated.

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Augmented climbing wall taken into pilot use at Boulderkeskus

30. maaliskuu 2015

Interactive exercise motivates both beginners and the more experienced – and inspires children.

Science and art Cooperation

Aalto Event Book, winner of the Energy Efficiency & Low Carbon Competition

26. maaliskuu 2015

Significant economic benefits from increasing efficiency in using space facilities in the Otaniemi area


Nobel laureate wants to give students space to discover

20. maaliskuu 2015

Hiroshi Amano solves scheduling challenges by giving freedom. With its help he also was able to make the breakthroughs leading to a blue LED.

Science and art

With spring comes Aalto Festival!

20. maaliskuu 2015

Aalto Festival is a collection of events, exhibitions, and seminars, showcasing the talents of Aalto University students, graduates and faculty.


Ernst Lindelöf award in mathematics given to master's thesis on Big Data

20. maaliskuu 2015

In his award-winning master’s thesis doctoral candidate Jerri Nummenpalo analysed a method for Big Data computation.


For students MOOC is more than just a course

16. maaliskuu 2015

A recent study shows that learning from others also encourages students at open online courses to continue in the online community after the course.

Science and art Press releases

Nomination period for the 2016 Millennium Technology Prize begins

16. maaliskuu 2015

Aalto University is a strategic partner of TAF.


Three best dissertations of 2014 receive awards at the School of Science's traditional Get together

16. maaliskuu 2015

The awards were given to Doctors of Science (Tech) Riku Ruotsalainen, Paula Savioja-Kangasluoma and Atte Aalto.

Honored Science and art

Increase in number of scientific articles decreases visibility of individual articles

13. maaliskuu 2015

Rapid growth in the number of publications makes it difficult for researchers to keep up with research results that are relevant to their own field.

Science and art

Perseverance led to upheaval in lighting

12. maaliskuu 2015

Hiroshi Amano made his breakthrough spurring blue LEDs in the 1980s. Now the recent Nobel Prize winner is coming to Aalto to tell the LED story.

Science and art

Otaniemi becoming a versatile urban area

10. maaliskuu 2015

The development of the campus is proceeding in cooperation with all operators in the area.


Bio-inspired Nanotechnology seminar by Marc Knecht

5. maaliskuu 2015

CoE HYBER offer Bio-inspired Nanotechnology seminar Professor by Marc Knecht (Univ. of Miami)

Obesity is associated with brain’s neurotransmitters

4. maaliskuu 2015

Researchers at Aalto University and University of Turku have revealed how obesity is associated with altered opioid neurotransmission in the brain.

Science and art Press releases

The European roadmap for graphene science and technology

27. helmikuu 2015

Aalto researchers’ interests are particular on Sensors, Photonics and Optoelectronics themes.

Science and art

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