Plans begin for Finland's first high-field magnetic resonance imaging centre

25. huhtikuu 2016

The memo of the Ultra-High Field MRI: Transition to Human 7 T in Finland symposium, held in autumn 2015, has been published.

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French decoration of honor to Filip Tuomisto

25. huhtikuu 2016

The medal of honour is a sign for fostering and promotion of education and research.


The School of Science celebrated spring

22. huhtikuu 2016

The traditional spring party was held at Design Factory.


Finnish research team maps the human erogenous zones

20. huhtikuu 2016

Finnish researchers have revealed a map of bodily regions capable of triggering sexual arousal when touched

Science and art

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship awarded to study flat-band superconductivity

18. huhtikuu 2016

This Fellowship was awarded to theoretically explore the concept of flat bands as a means to achieve high-temperature superconductivity.

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Good ventilation should be ensured when using tabletop 3D printers

14. huhtikuu 2016

A new study shows that printing releases nanoparticles whose spread into the indoor air should be restricted.

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Who to become the School of Science Alumnus of the Year 2016? Make your own suggestion!

13. huhtikuu 2016

Now it´s time to nominate the Alumnus of the Year at the School of Science.

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Aalto scientists editors of theme issue combining neurosciences and social sciences

13. huhtikuu 2016

Riitta Hari, Mikko Sams and Lauri Nummenmaa have edited the theme issue ‘Attending to and neglecting people’.

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ERC Advanced Grant to Grigori Volovik

12. huhtikuu 2016

Volovik’s research focuses on the structure of relativistic quantum vacuum in the universe.

Honored Science and art

The Aalto Festival website is now open!

11. huhtikuu 2016

The festival takes place in Espoo and Helsinki 16–31 May.

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Filip Tuomisto vice president of ENEN

11. huhtikuu 2016

Professor Filip Tuomisto has been elected Vice President of the European Nuclear Education Network Association (ENEN).

Science and art

The reliability of material simulations put to test

11. huhtikuu 2016

Researchers show that new generations of quantum mechanical simulation codes agree better than earlier generations’. The study appears in Science.

Science and art

New study shows how age and sex affect the social activity

8. huhtikuu 2016

The number of connections reaches a maximum at the age of 25 for both genders.

Press releases

Clearing the way for real-world applications of superhydrophobic surfaces

8. huhtikuu 2016

In a perspective article in Science, researchers at Aalto call for standardised testing of superhydrophobic, i.e. water-repellent, materials.

Science and art Press releases

ABB and Konecranes speed up the Industrial Internet Campus

7. huhtikuu 2016

The campus in Otaniemi will receive products and software from the companies for research and teaching purposes.

Cooperation Press releases

Aalto University ranked 28th in the world among young universities

6. huhtikuu 2016

Times Higher Education listed 150 rising stars.

Press releases Other

Aalto University integrates all core activities at the main campus in Otaniemi

5. huhtikuu 2016

The School of Business will also be located in Otaniemi.

Campus Press releases

From IDBM club to a collective of multi-talented people

5. huhtikuu 2016

Creativity and solving multidimensional problems are at the core of design thinking.


Professor Kai Virtanen operations researcher of the year 2015

4. huhtikuu 2016

The Finnish Operations Research Society has chosen Kai Virtanen as the Operations researcher of the year.


A large international database conference arrives in Helsinki in May

1. huhtikuu 2016

More than 400 participants are expected to come from all over the world, and the speakers represent the spearhead of the database technology.


The Doctoral Programme discussed how get visibility for your research and awarded the best dissertations

31. maaliskuu 2016

The annual get together event was held for the fifth time this year.

Studies Honored

Aalto University accepts 1126 applicants for master's studies

29. maaliskuu 2016

A total of 3 355 people applied for master's degree studies during the application period that ended on the 15th of January.


Aalto University research project on quantum technology awarded a seven-figure grant

23. maaliskuu 2016

The European Research Council has awarded Docent Mikko Möttönen the two-million-euro Consolidator Grant for a five-year research project.

Science and art

Concert hall acoustics influence the emotional impact of music

23. maaliskuu 2016

Aalto University researchers found that the emotional impact experienced by music listeners depends on the concert hall’s acoustics.

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Art and design at Aalto ranked 17th in university comparison

22. maaliskuu 2016

In the QS ranking also three other Aalto University subjects placed in the top 100.

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