World's top experts set to meet at the Academic Summit in November 16-20

20. lokakuu 2014

The event will bring together top names from academia and the business world to engage in a debate about the role of universities.


Make entrepreneurship part of your life at university and beyond

16. lokakuu 2014

Students interested in entrepreneurship are well-catered for at Aalto University.


Aalto University-launched brain stimulation company lists on the stock exchange

13. lokakuu 2014

Medical device developed by Nexstim achieves very promising results for stroke patient rehabilitation

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Founder of a research based company receives the Alumnus of the Year 2014 award

9. lokakuu 2014

Founder of BlueFors Cryogenics, Dr. Rob Blaauwgeers is the first Alumnus of the Year of the School of Science ever.


Three scientists to be awarded Honorary Doctorates from the School’s research areas

8. lokakuu 2014

The Aalto University schools of technology will confer honorary doctorates on ten eminent persons in the fields of science, technology and society.

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Better and less expensive LED lights

8. lokakuu 2014

The researchers at Aalto University are looking for better materials and more efficient production methods for Nobel Prize-winning LED lights.

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Researchers prefer citing researchers of good reputation

7. lokakuu 2014

If a scientist has a good reputation among his colleagues, other scientists are more likely to cite his publications.

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80 years of Ceremonial Conferments of Doctoral Degrees in the field of technology

6. lokakuu 2014

The Aalto University schools of technology will hold a second joint Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Otaniemi on 10 October 2014.


The Energy Garage is open for business!

3. lokakuu 2014

The Energy Garage is open to everyone, regardless of their degree programme or academic background.

Studies Cooperation

A little piece of Silicon Valley arrives in Otaniemi

26. syyskuu 2014

‘The best experience ever!’ Is the collective opinion of a group of students when asked about their recent participation in the Summer School.

Studies Cooperation

Aalto-born Brain Stimulation Company Plans Initial Public Offering

19. syyskuu 2014

Medical device developed by Nexstim achieves very promising results for stroke patient rehabilitation in the US.

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Best Paper Award at UbiComp 2014 to Aalto researchers

19. syyskuu 2014

The article presents new, secure and scalable ways of configuring and managing ubiquitous displays.

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Aalto University appointed three new vice presidents

15. syyskuu 2014

The Aalto University Board has appointed three new vice presidents, to commence their work on 1 October 2014.


Finland needs the best talent to succeed

2. syyskuu 2014

President Tuula Teeri emphasised the importance of global competitiveness and know-how based on Finnish strengths during her address at the opening.

Other Press releases

Scientists demonstrate efficient energy transfer mechanism for graphene sensors and transistors

28. toukokuu 2014

Aalto University researchers have demonstrated a new type of scattering process to provide an efficient energy transfer mechanism in graphene.

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