ERC Advanced Grant funding for Professor Pertti Hakonen

6. heinäkuu 2015

Aalto University also given four other ERC grants.

Press releases

Funding for research in healthcare

29. kesäkuu 2015

The Health Capital project, which Aalto is a part of, receives funding from Finnish Techonology Industries Big data is a big part of the project.

Science and art

Bachelor’s degree selection results published through Studyinfo at the latest on 3 July

29. kesäkuu 2015

Keep up-to-date through My Studyinfo -service


Department of Computer Science puts effort on industry cooperation both in research and teaching

26. kesäkuu 2015

The department cooperates with industry in all the important research areas.

Studies Science and art Cooperation

Students of Science celebrated their achievements

25. kesäkuu 2015

Some hundred students got their diploma. The awards for the best thesis were also granted.

Studies Honored

Industrial internet enables new business models

23. kesäkuu 2015

Opportunities offered by the industrial internet were envisioned at an Industrial Internet partner seminar held on 16 June.


Emmi Ruokokoski:" Atom gases have multiple uses"

22. kesäkuu 2015

In her thesis, Ruokokoski studied the creation, stability and dynamics of different textures using various methods.

Studies Science and art

Growth entrepreneur can gain momentum from support euros

22. kesäkuu 2015

An Aalto University study shows that growth entrepreneurship policy is also financially worthwhile policy.

Science and art

Aalto University researchers predicted existence of new quantum matter theoretically

17. kesäkuu 2015

The results are important in the search for new quantum states and possible use in future electronics applications.

Science and art Press releases

Robin Dunbar: We can have about 150 friends

17. kesäkuu 2015

On average, a person can have a maximum of 150 friends and acquaintances with whom he/she can maintain permanent social relationships.

Science and art

Big data enters the social sciencies

17. kesäkuu 2015

Aalto hosted the first International Conference on Computational Social Science Big data came to social sciences

Science and art

Finnish MEG knowledge to Sweden

16. kesäkuu 2015

Karolinska Institutet has named Finnish experts to help starting Swedish brain research center.

Science and art Cooperation

Over three million euros to the School of Science

16. kesäkuu 2015

Eight researchers from the School of Science have been granted funding from the Academy of Finland.

Science and art

Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology awarded grants for doctoral studies and postdoctoral visits

14. kesäkuu 2015

The Foundation received a record number of 147 applications, of which 24 received a grant, totalling 178 000 eur.

Studies Honored Science and art Press releases

Energy internet could change the economy

9. kesäkuu 2015

Alex Huang, a visiting professor at Aalto, develops technologies that turn energy buyers into producers and distributors.

Science and art

Assistant Professor Mauri Kostiainen received Young Researcher Award

8. kesäkuu 2015

Kostiainen's work is dynamically new, creative and significant from the perspective of technological development.

Science and art

Aalto University appoints new professors to the Tenure Track Career System

5. kesäkuu 2015

The following persons have been appointed tenure track professors:

Other Press releases

Aalto Festival brought together thousands of participants in May

2. kesäkuu 2015

The two-week festival featured over 40 events making the talents of Aalto University visible in Helsinki and Espoo.


Academy of Finland grants EUR 13.6 million to support profiling

29. toukokuu 2015

Funding will be used to cover the recruitment of professors to key research areas.

Other Science and art

Samuel Kaski appointed Academy Professor

28. toukokuu 2015

The Academy of Finland has decided to fund eight new research posts as Academy Professor. One of them works at the School of Science.


Researchers developed a machine-learning algorithm that learned to rap

23. toukokuu 2015

DeepBeat, an algorithm for rap lyrics generation, outperforms top human rappers by 21 % in terms of length and frequency of the rhymes in the lyrics.

Science and art

28.5. Media Lab Demo Day

20. toukokuu 2015

Our open for all spring party and “exhibition” Demo Day happens, as always, in the end of May.

Studies Other

LED cooling research project receives seven-figure funding

19. toukokuu 2015

Jani Oksanen, D.Sc. (Tech.), has received an ERC Starting Grant for his research in the field of thermophotonics.

Science and art

HYBER Symposium

15. toukokuu 2015

Centre of Excellence HYBER offered 2 full days of talks by top scientist from all over the world.

Science and art

The Department of Computer Science invites applications for Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Computer Vision

13. toukokuu 2015

We seek strong candidates specializing in capture, processing, synthesis, and reproduction of three-dimensional geometry, animation, and appearance.

Science and art

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