Hard rain inspires discussion

31. elokuu 2015

Hard Rain Goes Aalto brings environmentally-themed events to Aalto in September.

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Professor Filip Tuomisto is the new EspooAmbassador 2015

28. elokuu 2015

Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Filip Tuomisto from Aalto University School of Science is chosen as EspooAmbassador 2015.


Bruce Oreck to teach at Aalto University

25. elokuu 2015

Oreck will coach students in marketing, developing customer experience, and storytelling.

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It all starts here!

25. elokuu 2015

Construction of the industrial internet campus begins at Aalto University.

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A massive project pursues for more open information systems

20. elokuu 2015

The aim of the bIoTope project, coordinated at the Computer Science Department, is to help citizens to optimize their choices.

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Alex Jung appointed Assistant Professor in Machine Learning

20. elokuu 2015

Dr. techn. Alex Jung has been appointed Assistant Professor of the Computer Science Department as of August 1, 2015 for a five year period.

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Nearly 300 new graduate students start at School of Science

19. elokuu 2015

Computer Science and Engineering was nationally the most popular subject among applicants.


"Aalto Science Institute helped me develop new skills"

17. elokuu 2015

The internship at Aalto Science Institute was once again popular with a record breaking number of applicants from around the world.

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Good reputation attracts researchers to Aalto Science Institute

14. elokuu 2015

Aalto Science Institute helps the departments of Aalto School of Science find international interns for the summer.


Neurotechnology can benefit millions

11. elokuu 2015

Brain stimulation technology with its roots in Otaniemi is used as an aid in neurosurgery all over the world.

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Petri Myllymäki new HIIT director

10. elokuu 2015

Petri Myllymäki has been elected director of Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT).

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Aalto researchers aim to enrich the online news consumption after quantifying the controversies

10. elokuu 2015

The research focused on Twitter, but the methodology is applicable to other social media platforms as well.

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Open-mindedness guides the new Centre for Quantum Engineering

5. elokuu 2015

The newly founded Centre for Quantum Engineering at Aalto University aims to bring science to everyday use as commercial products and applications.

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Nanostructures can now be '3D printed’ using DNA

23. heinäkuu 2015

Three-dimensional nano-sized structures obtained from DNA using a new design method

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Scientists reveal “woodquakes”

17. heinäkuu 2015

Wood and its response to stress or strain has been less known at a fundamental level – until now.

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ERC Advanced Grant funding for Professor Pertti Hakonen

6. heinäkuu 2015

Aalto University also given four other ERC grants.

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Funding for research in healthcare

29. kesäkuu 2015

The Health Capital project, which Aalto is a part of, receives funding from Finnish Techonology Industries Big data is a big part of the project.

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Bachelor’s degree selection results published through Studyinfo at the latest on 3 July

29. kesäkuu 2015

Keep up-to-date through My Studyinfo -service


Department of Computer Science puts effort on industry cooperation both in research and teaching

26. kesäkuu 2015

The department cooperates with industry in all the important research areas.

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Students of Science celebrated their achievements

25. kesäkuu 2015

Some hundred students got their diploma. The awards for the best thesis were also granted.

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Industrial internet enables new business models

23. kesäkuu 2015

Opportunities offered by the industrial internet were envisioned at an Industrial Internet partner seminar held on 16 June.


Emmi Ruokokoski:" Atom gases have multiple uses"

22. kesäkuu 2015

In her thesis, Ruokokoski studied the creation, stability and dynamics of different textures using various methods.

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Growth entrepreneur can gain momentum from support euros

22. kesäkuu 2015

An Aalto University study shows that growth entrepreneurship policy is also financially worthwhile policy.

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Aalto University researchers predicted existence of new quantum matter theoretically

17. kesäkuu 2015

The results are important in the search for new quantum states and possible use in future electronics applications.

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Robin Dunbar: We can have about 150 friends

17. kesäkuu 2015

On average, a person can have a maximum of 150 friends and acquaintances with whom he/she can maintain permanent social relationships.

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