Assembly of nanoparticles proceeds like a zipper

22. syyskuu 2017

Aalto scientists demonstrated that viruses and nanoparticles can be assembled into processable superlattice wires.

Science and art

  • nanoparticle
  • materials_research

New light on perovskite solar cell durability problems

22. syyskuu 2017

A correct amount of water is critical in the manufacture of the cell for the crystallization of materials.

Science and art

  • solar_cells
  • perovskites
  • material_science
  • solar_energy

Uutta valoa perovskiittiaurinkokennojen kestävyysongelmiin

22. syyskuu 2017

Oikea veden määrä on kriittinen tekijä perovskiittikennojen kestävyydelle.

Science and art Cooperation

Extensive research project advances the use of artificial intelligence in B2B content marketing

21. syyskuu 2017

The Tekes funded cross-disciplinary project utilizes big data of partner companies.

Science and art

Aaltoes organising Europe’s largest design hackathon

20. syyskuu 2017

Dash raises design thinking and multidisciplinarity into the limelight of the hackathon.


  • Dash
  • aaltoes
  • hackathon
  • design

Digitalization facilitates cross-cultural encounters in health care

19. syyskuu 2017

Aalto University researchers and students develop a new app for cross-cultural education targeted for health care professionals.

Studies Science and art

  • multidisciplinary
  • computer_science
  • digitalisation
  • healthcare

European conference in machine learning and data mining gathers a record number of participants

13. syyskuu 2017

Aalto University researchers have been involved in both chairing and participating in the program committees.

Science and art

  • data_mining
  • Conference
  • machine_learning
  • machinelearning

Full house of industry representatives and researchers at Al Goes Industry event

13. syyskuu 2017

Finland has every possibility to be a leader in artificial intelligence.

Science and art Cooperation

  • AI
  • machinelearning

Ilkka Niemelä: ‘Higher education a critical national investment’

8. syyskuu 2017

Speakers at the Aalto opening ceremony included Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori and Chair of the Student Union Joona Orpana.

Press releases

PSHACK100 puts public service developers at the forefront of digital transformation

7. syyskuu 2017

Aalto students are experts in the service needs and lifestyle habits of the digital generation.


  • pshack100
  • finland100
  • Aalto

Call for Submissions: Radical Relevances Conference

7. syyskuu 2017

First Global Radical Relevances Conference 25.–27.4.2018. Submissions by 30th of September / We invite researchers and artists straddling multiple (or within one) disciplines to submit papers and artworks

Science and art

Safer bone surgery thanks to a technique patented at Aalto

7. syyskuu 2017

MIT Technology Review selected Visa Sippola as one the most promising young innovators.

Science and art Press releases Cooperation

  • innovations
  • bone_surgery
  • surgery
  • health_technology

New research institute solves information security of robotic cars and drones

7. syyskuu 2017

Aalto University is a member of Intel Labs' CARS research lab that tackles security and privacy challenges of autonomous systems.

Science and art Press releases

  • privacy
  • secure_systems_group
  • Cyber_Security
  • Cyber_attacks
  • machine_learning
  • machinelearning

Aalto University on-display at Helsinki Design Week

6. syyskuu 2017

A recap of Aalto's many activities as part of the city wide festival of arts and design.


  • Helsinki_Design_Week

Nanocarbon materials are challenging silicon – from transparent electronics to bendable 3D displays

6. syyskuu 2017

Carbon gets exciting new applications through nanoscale technologies.

Science and art

  • nanoelectronics
  • nanocarbon
  • nanobud
  • materials_research
  • nanotechnology
  • carbon_nanotubes

Energy Forum lecture series: The future energy system

6. syyskuu 2017

The key players in Finland's energy sector present their views on the energy systems of the future.

Studies Cooperation

Aalto establishes a Sustainability Hub to address the challenges of sustainable development

6. syyskuu 2017

The Hub will increase multidisciplinary collaboration and promote sustainability in teaching, campus development and other operations at Aalto.

Campus Science and art

  • sustainability_hub
  • sustainability

Aalto rises in Times Higher Education ranking

5. syyskuu 2017

Aalto now 190th in THE's general ranking.

Science and art

  • Times_Higher_Education
  • rankings

MIT postdoc Miika Aittala receives dissertation award

1. syyskuu 2017

In his doctoral thesis Dr. Aittala studied and developed new methods for producing realistic computer graphics.


  • dissertation_award
  • computer_graphics
  • computer_science
  • department_of_computer_science

Visualisers of the effects of climate change and weather information winners of the NASA Europa Challenge competition

31. elokuu 2017

The judges decided to award the first prize to two of the teams: AgroSphere developed by an American team and World Weather developed by a Jordanian team.

Studies Science and art Cooperation

  • NASA_Europa_Challenge
  • satellites
  • space_technology

Ultrasound can help treat cancer and osteoarthritis

31. elokuu 2017

Assistant Professor Heikki Nieminen is developing methods that can lead to earlier diagnosis of cancer and enable new kinds of targeted treatments for illnesses.

Science and art Other

  • ultrasound
  • biomedical_engineering
  • health_technology

Magnetic stimulation of the brain improved awareness of subject's own cognitive abilities

29. elokuu 2017

Understanding brain function might help in the development of new treatments for neuropsychiatric illnesses in the future.

Science and art Press releases

  • metacognition
  • brain
  • Brain_research
  • neuroscience

Hannu-Pekka Komsa receives BCG Travel award

28. elokuu 2017

The 2017 Roger Taylor Travel Award from the British Carbon Group has been awarded to physics Academy Fellow Hannu-Pekka Komsa.

Honored Science and art

  • epm

DIEM reviewers recognized at the Academy of Management Meeting

28. elokuu 2017

In addition to writing and publishing scientific papers, many researchers act as reviewers volunteering their time and expertise in conferences.


  • strategy_research

Astronomy in the schoolyard

24. elokuu 2017

In the science sessions of Aalto researchers, a pin and a beach ball represent the solar system and pieces of rope represent network research.

Science and art Cooperation

  • science_sessions
  • scientists_at_schools
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