Olav Thon Foundation grants the 2018 international research award to Academician, Professor Emerita Riitta Hari

17. tammikuu 2018

The researcher prize was awarded due to excellence in brain research.

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Aalto University invests in children and young people - Aalto University Junior is ready for adventure

17. tammikuu 2018

New facilities for child and youth activities opened at Otaniemi campus.

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Improved home care services and reduced workload for carers with a new work model

16. tammikuu 2018

Aalto University researchers have developed the model for several years together with carers and home care administration.

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Aalto International Design Business Management programme to be provided for remote students

16. tammikuu 2018

Aalto wants to extend the popular IDBM programme to students at top international universities.


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Aalto Design Factory develops new cooperation platform with Volkswagen

15. tammikuu 2018

'The space for digital ideas', the PopUp Markthalle, opened to the public on the 15 January.

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Largest Finland 100 event in China births continuing cooperation

11. tammikuu 2018

In its gala finale in Shanghai, Sino Finnish 100 Challenge celebrated its competition winners and released news of continuing Finnish–Chinese cooperation.


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Half a million euros in donations for a new Information Networks Professor at Aalto

10. tammikuu 2018

Aalto University will use the funds to establish a new Professor of Practice for the Information Networks degree programme.

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Kirsi Peltonen receives 2018 mathematics prize

10. tammikuu 2018

The Finnish Mathematical Society has awarded the prize to Ms Peltonen for her long-term, innovative and fruitful work to combine mathematics and art.

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Making the Internet of Things possible with a new breed of “memristors”

10. tammikuu 2018

Easily printable, organic thin films can retain data for more than 10 years without power, work with low voltages.

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Application period for Bachelors’ programmes in English started 9 January

9. tammikuu 2018

A new Bachelor’s programme in Science and Technology starts next autumn.


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Aalto University becomes a member of Climate Leadership Coalition

9. tammikuu 2018

The organisation aims at affecting the ability of companies and society to respond to climate change.


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  • sustainability

Extensive strategic cooperation between Nokia and Aalto University

4. tammikuu 2018

The areas of partnership include artificial intelligence and data networks.


Satellites, eco-art and refrigerator for quantum computers

28. joulukuu 2017

2017 was an amazing year for Aalto's efforts in arts, science and technology.

Science and art

2017 Best Physics Doctoral Dissertation and Teacher of the Year prizes awarded

21. joulukuu 2017

€3,000-prizes were awarded for three Best Doctoral Dissertations in recognition of research and one for Teacher of the Year.

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Inclusive reporting tool helps reach new level in client interaction

20. joulukuu 2017

Most promising solution in the Hackathon course is an application designed for services for the disabled by the Apotti & Helsinki-Uusimaa cooperative group.


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Artificial Intelligence Day attracted 600 people fascinated by AI

19. joulukuu 2017

The Artificial Intelligence Day brought together researchers, companies and the public sector involved in the fast-developing field of AI.

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Full of life from morning to night

18. joulukuu 2017

An ordinary Tuesday at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre in Otaniemi. We observed the unique atmosphere of the award-winning building.


Huawei and F-Secure will donate to student scholarships through the Helsinki-Aalto Center for Information Security HAIC

18. joulukuu 2017

The goal is to attract the best students worldwide to meet the acute and growing need for information security professionals.

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Application period for Master’s programmes started

15. joulukuu 2017

Application period for Master’s programmes at Aalto University is 15 December 2017 – 24 January 2018.


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Väisälä Awards to Professor Camilla Hollanti and Adjunct Professor Sabrina Maniscalco

13. joulukuu 2017

Both Hollanti and Maniscalco are spearheads in their respective, globally highly competitive fields.

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Diving into the unknown: what’s physics after the Higgs boson?

8. joulukuu 2017

Thousands of researchers at the CERN research centre are looking for particles and phenomena that standard physics cannot explain.

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Finland 100 video series – visual stories of Game Changers

7. joulukuu 2017

The predecessors of Aalto University have acted as a seedbed for the Game Changers of the Finnish society already since 1850.

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Health Design 2017 brought together healthcare, design, and technology professionals

7. joulukuu 2017

Design expertise to help in commercialising health technology.


Night owls have larger social networks than early birds

7. joulukuu 2017

Data and traces of our mobile phone use and digital behaviour can be used to understand and treat mental health disorders.

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Conflicting views on social media balanced by an algorithm

5. joulukuu 2017

Selected influential users can efficiently spread information on both sides of a controversial discussion.

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