Ossi Naukkarinen appointed as Vice President for Research

19. syyskuu 2018

The five-year term of office will start on 1 November 2018.


  • Ossi_Naukkarinen
  • vice_president

Bio-based carbon improve biogas yield

18. syyskuu 2018

Researchers from Aalto University and Xi'an University show that adding bio-based porous carbon could increase biogas production by 30-70%

Science and art

  • nanomicroscopy
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  • bioeconomy
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  • biotalous

You can’t tell whether an online restaurant review is fake—but this AI can

17. syyskuu 2018

Researchers find AI-generated reviews and comments pose a significant threat to consumers, but machine learning can help detect the fakes.

Aalto graduates satisfied with their degrees

17. syyskuu 2018

Next career monitoring survey starting in September.


  • Graduate_employment_survey

Cryocourse 2018 on low-temperature technology at Aalto

14. syyskuu 2018

This international school provides training on fundamental and industrial issues on cryogenics 21-26 September 2018.

Science and art

Hate speech-detecting AIs are fools for ‘love’

14. syyskuu 2018

State-of-the-art detectors that screen out online hate speech can be easily duped by humans, shows new study.

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Speaker series: advanced materials commercialization for scientists and entrepreneurs

13. syyskuu 2018

A speaker series and course on technology innovations at Aalto University in Autumn 2018

Science and art Studies

Assistant Professor Pekka Marttinen develops machine learning solutions to real-life problems

12. syyskuu 2018

Prediction models developed by Marttinen can be used to assess the new capitation model included in the health and social services reform.

Science and art

  • modelling
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  • machinelearning

School of Science welcomes new students with an eventful week

7. syyskuu 2018

Orientation week activities introduced the school, studies and student life to the new students.


Olli Ikkala appointed Aalto Distinguished Professor

6. syyskuu 2018

Professor Olli Ikkala at the Department of Applied Physics has been appointed as Aalto Distinguished Professor. The title is awarded to Professors of exceptional academic merit.

Science and art Honored

€17 million to fund European detection and imaging innovation pipeline—product development sparred by Aalto Design Factory

6. syyskuu 2018

The ATTRACT initiative will fund 170 breakthrough projects in advanced technology for a year with €100.000 each.

Science and art Cooperation

President Ilkka Niemelä: ‘We are ready to take on the challenge of lifelong learning’

5. syyskuu 2018

At the opening of the academic year, also the new Väre building was opened at the heart of the campus.


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Ahti Salo is the Espoo Ambassador of 2018

30. elokuu 2018

Professor of systems analysis Ahti Salo and his research group have introduced mathematical models to help evaluate cyber security risks, among others

Honored Cooperation

  • operations_research
  • espoo_ambassador
  • systems_analysis

French President Emmanuel Macron visited Aalto University

30. elokuu 2018

He was introduced to student-driven entrepreneurship, research innovations and research-based companies.


  • Emmanuel_macron
  • Startup_sauna

World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies Innovation Award to Sino-Finnish research on fuel cells

30. elokuu 2018

Professors Bin Zhu from China University of Geosciences and Peter Lund from Aalto University were awarded World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies Innovation Award for their work on advanced fuel cells.


  • renewable_materials
  • innovations
  • fuelcells
  • Renewable_energy

A record-breaking year for the summer accelerator

30. elokuu 2018

The student-led Kiuas Accelerator programme was organised for the ninth time. This year, the number of applications was higher than ever before.


  • Kiuas
  • aaltoes
  • entrepreneurship

Bodily sensations give rise to conscious feelings

29. elokuu 2018

A Finnish research group from the University of Turku, University of Tampere and Aalto University has mapped the organisation of human conscious feelings and found them to cluster into five major categories: positive emotions, negative emotions, cognitive functions, somatic states, and illnesses.

Science and art

Carbon in colour: First-ever coloured thin films of nanotubes created

28. elokuu 2018

Researchers present a technique to produce large quantities of pristine single-walled carbon nanotubes in select shades of the rainbow. The secret is a fine-tuned fabrication process—and a small dose of CO2.

Press releases Science and art

Centre for Quantum Engineering funding awarded for four projects

22. elokuu 2018

A total of EUR 318 000 has been granted for project proposals that represent new openings, support emergence of new technologies, applications, and/or industrial collaboration.

Science and art

Top tools for artificial intelligence and IT are presented to hundreds of conference visitors at Aalto University in August

22. elokuu 2018

The tools have been used to improve the safety of drug tests for children, and to understand the cosmos through galaxy clusters.

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DIEM researchers stand out with several honored papers at the 2018 AOM Conference

21. elokuu 2018

The Academy of Management Conference annually gathers thousands of management and organization scholars worldwide.

Science and art

  • strategic_management
  • strategy_research

How to manage external resources?

20. elokuu 2018

Research indicates that at least six factors should be considered.

Science and art

  • external_resources
  • Networks

Medals for Aalto students in an international mathematics competition

17. elokuu 2018

Alvar Kallio, Iiro Kumpulainen, and Timo Takala received bronze medals.

Studies Honored

  • mathematics

Password managers vulnerable to insider hacking

15. elokuu 2018

Communication channels between different parts and pieces of computer software are prone to security breaches. Anyone with access to a shared computer can attack or involuntarily subject it to security breaches.

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AMIS Summer School – a week of innovation, concept creation and entrepreneurship

14. elokuu 2018

The summer school of the Master’s Programme in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability (AMIS) introduced the students the best of Finnish summer and user-centric product development – the Aalto style.


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