Aalto-yliopiston perustieteiden korkeakoulu



The research of the school takes place in departments and their research groups. The research of the school is well in line with the strategy of Aalto University, and basic research is a key focus area of the school.

The research assessment exercise carried out in 2009 identified the following areas as the key strong points of Aalto:

  • Computation and modelling
  • Materials research
  • Design
  • ICT and media

The Aalto University School of Science focuses its research activities on:

  • Computing and modelling
  • Materials physics
  • Energy science
  • Computer sciences
  • Neuroscience and brain imaging technology
  • Technology-based business and entrepeneurship

In addition, the School is home to, for instance, five Centres of Excellence in Research funded by the Academy of Finland.

The first Aalto Professor ever appointed was Professor, Academician of Science Risto Nieminen from the Department of Applied Physics. In 2012 Academy Professor, Academician of Science Riitta Hari from the O.V. Lounasmaa Laboratory Brain Research Unit was also appointed as Aalto Professor.

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