Graphene to create better products

Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms, may be the most versatile substance available to mankind. Graphene’s unique combination of superior properties makes it a credible starting point for new disruptive technologies in a wide range of fields. Applications include electronic paper, flexible personal communications tools and lighter and energy-efficient airplanes.

From laboratory to consumer product

The Graphene Flagship, funded by European Comission, aims at taking graphene from the academic laboratories into European society in the space of ten years, thus generating economic growth, new jobs and new opportunities for Europeans as both investors and employees.  The project is built around 11 specific science and technology areas of research.



Graphene research in Otaniemi

The Finnish partners in the Graphene Flagship project are Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.  The research groups run by Aalto University professors Pertti Hakonen and Harri Lipsanen are responsible for sensor development and production of high frequency transistors. Read more

News: Graphene researchers at Aalto University are part of EU’s billion-euro Graphene Flagship research initiative  ( 28.1.2013)

More information

  • Professor Pertti Hakonen
    O.V. Lounasmaa Laboratory
    Aalto University School of Science
  • Professor Harri Lipsanen
    Department of Micro- and Nanosciences
    Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering
  • Coordinator Minna Günes
    O.V.Lounasmaa Laboratory
    Aalto University School of Science

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