Strategic Initiatives

Aalto University School of Science launched four strategic initiatives in 2012.

Aalto Science Institute - AScI 

The Aalto Science Institute is an interdisciplinary research initiative hosted by the Aalto University School of Science to advance and foster international collaboration and research at the highest level, and to take up and find solutions to new research challenges across the fields of science in a well-supported academic environment.

Aalto Ventures Program - AVP

Aalto Ventures Program is not only about top education, but also about world-class research. Some of the publications by the AVP faculty are listed here.

We are well on the way becoming a top university in teaching entrepreneurship within the next few years in Europe

Aalto University Energy Initiative - ESCI

Aalto University Energy Science Initiative  (ESCI) is a multidiscplinary research and educational initiative in energy hosted by the Aalto University School of Science. The aim is to link science excellence with energy relevant topics. The thematic focus is two central areas in energy:  Materials in Energy, and  Energy, Systems and Society – systemic research. ESCI started in January 2012.

Aalto Brain Centre - ABC

Aalto Brain Centre (ABC), hosted by Aalto University’s School of Science, will start in June 2014 as the continuation and expansion of the currently running 5-yr multidisciplinary aivoAALTO project that focuses on brain imaging in naturalistic conditions. ABC will, as a thematic centre, improve the synergy between Aalto SCI’s strong research lines in systems-level neuroscience, complex networks, advanced signal analysis, and neurotechnology.

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