Come and study technology at the School of Science!

The School of Science offers studies in three traditional fields of science: engineering physics and mathematics, computer science and engineering and industrial engineering and management. The fourth and the newest field, information networks, educates experts who plan, execute and develop together with users and multidisciplinary teams information and communications technology that supports human-based interaction. Multidisciplinary master- and doctoral-level studies are also offered  in international design business management and neuroscience and neurotechnology.

At the School of Science, you can specialise in e.g. computer science and engineering, international design business management or neuroscience and neurotechnology.

Through your studies at the School, you will obtain a versatile degree that is highly valued by employers. The School has a large number of agreements with international partner universities and completing part of the degree abroad is recommended. Out of our graduates, almost half (48%) completed their master's thesis for the private sector, and over half had a permanent position when they graduated. Almost one fifth of the graduates continued their studies as doctoral students.

The School of Science has over 2 600 students studying towards a bachelor's or master's degree and about 400 full-time doctoral students. The number of professors exceeds 100. In 2013, there were 255 bachelor's degrees completed, 241 master's degrees and 91 doctoral degrees. In addition to the degree students, the School welcomes every year a large number of international exchange students.

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