Exposure to interdisciplinary study environment

You will graduate with a degree that is recognised all over the world after studying at the School of Science!

The School of Science maintains strong, long-term strategic partnerships with collaborating enterprises and our graduates are very competitive in the industrial and academic job markets. The majority of students find employment opportunities already during their studies and practically all Master's theses are done while employed in projects in companies, research institutes, or university.

Starter salaries in technical fields are competitive. Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK) starting salary recommendation is EUR 3 530 per month. Aalto University's Career Services guide degree students and support them in their transfer into the working life.

Our graduates become part of Aalto University's Alumni Network, which currently has nearly 35 000 alumni in over 80 countries around the world.

Versatile career opportunities

Our graduates can be found in very different positions at companies or research institutes. These include, for example, a quality engineer, researcher, data analyst, software developer, supply chain analyst, senior consultant, game programmer, software design engineer, project manager, an associate systems engineer, and a customer insight manager. About one fifth of our graduates continue their studies as doctoral students.

Promoting entrepreneurial spirit and culture is an intrinsic part of Aalto University's efforts in research and education. The School of Science does proactive work to further entrepreneurship and creation of new businesses, for example through Aalto Ventures Programme. Further information about Aalto University's entrepreneurship and innovation activities can be found from the websites of Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and Technology Transfer, Small Business Center, Start-up Center and Startup Sauna.

What our international alumni say?

marcia_villalba2.jpg"My studies at Aalto were really good; I liked the flexibility and the variety of the different courses available. That gives everybody a different specialisation. Also, I liked a lot that most courses were about the latest technology and research happening at that very moment." Marcia Villalba, Uruguay, currently working at mobile game company Supercell in Helsinki.



Polina Noeva"I enjoyed studying at Aalto. All the courses were based on research at Aalto University's laboratories, so it was always interesting to listen to and to watch real-life applications of all the methods and algorithms. One of the main advantages of studying in Finland is that many students and researchers at Aalto University come from abroad. So, if you study or work there you can learn from other cultures and share knowledge with people from all over the world." Polina Noeva, Russia, currently working at a software company in Helsinki


Chakravarthi Kanduri"The best thing in Aalto's curriculum is that it is very practically oriented and often requires a mandatory project work to complete a course. Although, at times, I felt that some of the courses were very demanding, I realise the importance of such challenging courses now, when I find their application in real-life problems related to my research. Another advantage of studying at Aalto is the exposure to interdisciplinary study environment." Chakravarthi Kanduri, India, currently a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki.


Chen An"To be a student at Aalto University was the most successful decision in my life so far. I was very satisfied with the environment, facilities, teachers, fellow students and Aalto's overall attitude towards diverse cultures. Thanks to the many strong connections and cooperation between the school and research institutes and enterprises close by, I got great opportunities to work and do research during my studies which allowed me to utilise my abilities and practice what I have learned." Chen An, China, currently a doctoral student at the School of Science

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