Research at the highest international level

The goal of the programme is to train doctors in physics, mathematics, biomedical engineering, computer science and industrial engineering and management to serve in the academic world, public sector and industry and commerce.

Doctors graduating from this programme have what it takes to serve in demanding academic research and teaching positions and in expert, development and management positions of the information society. The departments, which are in charge of doctoral education at the School of Science, offer research fields that are based on strong research traditions and research at the highest international level. At the moment, there are four Centres of Excellence in Research at the departments of the School of Science designated by the Academy of Finland. The school is also very active in the national Doctoral Education Networks (, portal for current students).

What can you study?

The Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science offers the degree of Doctor of Science (Technology) in one of the following departments and their research fields:

Graduate as doctor in four years

Doctoral education at the School of Science is based on vigorous basic research that forms a strong basis for teaching and both development and innovation activities. The most important part of the education is writing the dissertation in a strong research milieu. The theoretical studies that support the thesis work are tailored individually to suit the different needs of each doctoral student. The dissertations of the School of Science are of very high quality and often contain articles published in publications of the highest international level.

Full-time students can complete the doctoral degree in four years. The most talented students may apply for funding from their department or they may fund their studies through projects. The students should discuss funding primarily with their supervising professor.

International studying environment

Internationality is an integral part of the school’s doctoral education in both recruiting and educating doctoral students. The school is well-connected with several top-level universities and research institutes in its field.

Aalto University encourages its doctoral students to spend at least six months of their study time abroad. International mobility enhances doctoral students’ career possibilities. Visiting a foreign university or research institute often means sharing knowledge and know-how, creating new ideas, expanding international networks, and developing one’s professional skills.

Working life and doctoral degree

40% of all doctors graduated from Aalto University come from the Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science. Those who have graduated from the Doctoral Programme have positions in the academic world, the public sector or in the industry and commerce.

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Graduated doctors, of which: 77 91 69 87 83 76
- women 13% 26 % 15 % 28 % 22 % 18%
- international doctoral students 18 % 20 % 28 % 22 % 24 % 29%
- 30-years old or younger 29 % 32 % 42 % 22 % 30 % 38%

Apply now!

Studies_doctor_photo_165x215px.jpgThose who want to apply to Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science must hold a master’s degree in a relevant field completed with a very good academic success. Applicants should have a good command of spoken and written English, and they should have capacity for scientific research work. In addition, applicants must have motivation to complete the doctoral degree within the target time (four years for full-time students), and conduct research at the highest international level.

Before submitting the application, each applicant must contact the professor in charge of their intended research field to discuss beginning doctoral studies. Applicants are urged to ensure that their expertise and research interests are commensurate with the research group (and those of the supervising professor of their studies) that they apply to.

For full-time studies, the Doctoral Programme can be applied to throughout the year. Students applying for part-time doctoral studies can apply twice a year, in March and in September. More information on applying and eligibility can be found on Into.

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