Exchange students

Over 150 international exchange students come to Aalto University School of Science each academic year. Together with almost 500 international degree students at the school, this guarantees an inspiring and international environment for students from all over the world.

Experience Aalto University School of Science

The School of Science engages in creating an inspiring educational environment for our students to help them reach their full potential. We aim at having a positive impact on society by educating high-level experts, who have the ability to solve society’s increasingly complex challenges such as those related to energy, environment, well-being and decision-making. The School of Science offers several programmes in English with a broad selection of courses. You can have a look at the courses offered in English from our Into pages for exchange students (into.aalto.fI).

The School of Science is located on the active Otaniemi campus, full of famous student energy of Finnish technical students and their cheerful events and pranks.

Only students from partner universities of the School of Science are accepted. The student needs to be nominated by the sending institution before applying for the exchange period at Aalto University.

Why choose Finland as your exchange destination?

Both Finland and Helsinki have been ranked as the world’s best places to live in (Finland in 2010 by Newsweek, Helsinki in 2011 by Monocle) and Finland enjoys one of the highest standards of living. Finland has proven to have the best education system in the world as it has consistently performed at the top of an international test known as PISA (The Programme for International Student Assessment) over the past decade. Success also in other rankings such Transparency International and Global Peace Index assures that Finland is a safe and stable place to study and live in.

Safe and stable does not, however, mean boring - in Finland you can experience the Scandinavian identity with a twist! A fresh mixture of East and West, we have fairytale-like snowy winters, the Northern Lights, the amazing archipelago and beautiful midnight sunlight in the summer!

More Information for incoming exchange students is available at Into (

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